Wardrobe Island

Wardrobe Island

There is no doubt that the best part of any walk in wardrobe has to be the centre island.
If you have the space the wardrobe island takes centre stage. If executed correctly it looks stunning. We look at four ways to make your own private island.


1. Accessory heaven can be created under the wardrobe island’s glass top by using the surface as a see through window to drawers beneath. It is worth considering what you are intending to display in the drawers so items can be arranged suitably. If you prefer your accessories to be concealed it’s worth considering mirrored or coloured glass which make a wonderful platform for a vase of flowers or pictures. A mirrored top will also reflect a chandelier beautifully if you are seeking the real ‘wow’ factor.


2. Upholstery and lining can be applied to the drawers and internal cabinets, particularly if on show, to provide a softer http://www.doxycycline-buy.com overall look. Light emitted from a concealed source if executed well can also produce a truly stunning effect.


3.  A bespoke island seat is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe island if space permits. It can soften the ends or sides of the cabinet and provide a ‘perch’ seat for putting on shoes or other accessories. This seat can also contain valuable extra storage by introducing a cupboard or drawer to the under sections.


4. The wardrobe island is a storage solution accessible from four sides if you are using a square or rectangular format. Drawers are a useful way to use space but internal cupboards and open shelving are also another way to gain storage in a wardrobe island. It’s then worth considering how best to use the surrounding available space.


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