Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Create an oasis of calm and revitalise your bedroom space: 10 considerations for a stylish upgrade

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture
Contemplating a stylish upgrade to your bedroom? Transform your space into an oasis of calm with our 10 considerations.

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s your sanctuary and a haven of relaxation. If you’re contemplating a stylish upgrade to transform this space into an oasis of calm, our ten considerations will help you to rejuvenate your bedroom and elevate it to a new level of comfort and style.

#1. Start with a vision

Before delving into the details, envision the atmosphere you want to create. Are you looking to create a minimalist retreat or a cosy, boutique-style haven? Ensure your vision is set as this will guide your every decision along the way to creating your dream bedroom.

#2. Bespoke wardrobe elegance

This is where Walk in Wardrobes can lend a hand in creating the bedroom of your dreams. We design bespoke wardrobes and bedroom furniture tailored to your specific needs. From walk-in and fitted wardrobes to bespoke beds, bedside tables, and dressing tables, whatever your vision for creating your very own oasis, we can help.

Choose materials that resonate with your style, from the timeless warmth of wood to the contemporary allure of mirrored or glass surfaces. Your wardrobe and bedroom furniture become not just functional, but the focal of your whole bedroom design.

Tell us your vision and let us create a design that will revitalise your bedroom space. Book a design consultation today!

#3. Luxurious bedding

For a touch of luxury, invest is high-quality bedding. Crisps linens, sumptuous comforters, and plumb pillows can transform your bed into a welcoming haven. Think about your colour pallet. Calming colours create a tranquil atmosphere whereas rich, dark blues and greens, create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

#4. Ambient lighting

We all know that lighting sets the mood of a room. Consider a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a layered and inviting atmosphere. Incorporate dimmers to adjust the brightness according to your mood and time of day.

#5. Natural elements

Introduce nature into your bedroom to promote tranquillity. Consider pot plants and natural fibres to not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a serene ambience.

#6. Declutter and simplify

A clutter-free space is essential for relaxation. Assess your belongings and declutter. Let us design bespoke and stylish storage solutions to keep your room organised and visually appealing.

#7. Accent wall charm

Consider adding an accent wall to inject your personality into your bedroom. Whether it’s a soothing colour, textured wallpaper, or a captivating piece of art, the accent wall can become the focal point that ties your room together.

#8. Cosy seating nooks

Create intimate reading corners with comfortable seating or add a window seat for a small reading nook by the window. Not only does this add functionality, but it also adds charm to your room. Soft furnishings, throws, and cushions can only enhance the cosy atmosphere.

#9. Personalised art and décor

Infuse your personality into the room with family photos, artwork you adore, or sentimental items. These touches make your bedroom uniquely yours.

#10. Introduce smart technology

Integrate smart technology to enhance convenience and comfort. Smart lighting, temperature control, and even a smart speaker elevate your bedroom experience.

The journey to a revitalised bedroom begins with Walk in Wardrobes and our thoughtful design process that is bespoke to your vision. By adding in our thoughtful considerations and blending these elements with your bedroom furniture, you can create an oasis of calm that revitalises your space and rejuvenates your well-being. Take the time to curate a bedroom that reflects your style and fosters the relaxation you deserve.

About Walk in Wardrobes

A family-ran business based in Coventry, we have over 25 years experience in furniture design and build. We understand the importance of functionality and aesthetics when it comes to making the perfect walk-in wardrobe, or furniture for your home.

We take pride in our craftmanship and attention to detail and always use the highest-quality materials.

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