How to achieve the same style walk-in wardrobe as David Beckham

Walk in like Beckham! Achieve your Dream Walk-In Wardrobe

How to achieve the same style walk-in wardrobe as David Beckham
Just as David Beckham's prowess on the field led to the famous phrase ‘Bend it like Beckham’, his off-field sense of style and organisation in the Netflix series ‘BECKHAM’ has inspired our new company mantra: ‘Style it like Beckham’.

The behind-the-scenes look into the glamorous life of the iconic football legend sparked a new wave of interest in walk-in wardrobes when he gave viewers an exclusive glimpse into his meticulously organised walk-in dressing room.

If you’ve been inspired by the luxury and style showcased in the series and dream of having a walk-in wardrobe like Beckham’s, we’ve got you covered. This article will explore practical tips and creative ideas to help you achieve the ultimate walk-in wardrobe.


#1. Find a space for your walk-in wardrobe

Creating a walk-in wardrobe requires careful consideration of available space. Empty bedrooms that aren’t being utilised are one of the most common spaces to transform into a walk-in wardrobe. They often provide ample space for custom shelving, hanging space, and storage units.

Alternatively, underutilised attic or loft spaces can be converted into a walk-in wardrobe. Just make sure you have the right amount of lighting and proper ventilation and remember to use the angled ceilings to create a cosy, unique dressing room.

Other ideas can include partitioning off sections of large bedrooms, unused alcoves, or nooks in your home, or even utilising under-stair space.


Walk-in Wardrobes Walk-in Wardrobe Walk in Wardrobe


#2. Research design features you like

When thinking about the design elements for your dream walk-in wardrobe, it’s important to consider both functionality and aesthetics.

In the pursuit of transforming a walk-in wardrobe into a personalised haven, we’re sure David Beckham’s interior designers undoubtedly embarked on a meticulous journey of understanding his likes, dislikes, and functional requirements.

While not everyone may have the luxury of a personal team of interior designers, there are accessible alternatives to designing the tailored space you are looking for.  Research online design trends you like and save them for your design consultation. Be sure to consider layout and where to place hanging space, shelves, and draws to maximise storage while maintaining a sense of space.

Other things to consider include hanging rods, lighting, mirrors, finishes, materials, seating areas, and infusing your personal taste into the design. Read our ‘10 expert tips for designing your bespoke walk-in wardrobe’ for more design ideas.

This proactive approach ensures that your walk-in wardrobe, even without a dedicated team, reflects your style, maximises functionality, and becomes a truly personalised retreat.


Design Features of a Walk-in Wardrobe  Design Features of a Walk-in Wardrobe


#3. Choose a professional company to design your space

Selecting a reputable company like ‘Walk in Wardrobes’, to design your wardrobe space is an essential step in achieving your desired result of luxury, style, and organisation.

It’s very likely that Beckham’s interior designers prioritised trustworthiness, reputation, and professionalism when selecting the company to design, build, and install his walk-in dressing room. Similarly, we strongly advise taking the same approach to ensure a reliable and successful build. Here are some essential tips to guide your research and help you find a trustworthy company:

  • Reviews: Look out for online reviews, testimonials, and ratings from previous clients.
  • Portfolio: Review the company’s portfolio to assess the range and quality of their workmanship.
  • Showroom: Visiting a showroom enables you to see their designs in person and gives you a better sense of the materials, finishes, and craftsmanship.
  • Experience & expertise: Choose a company with extensive experience in wardrobe design, manufacture, and installation. An experienced company is more likely to provide truly unique designs completely tailored to your vision.
  • Consultation: Opt for a company that provides a comprehensive design consultation process. This may include on-site evaluations, discussions about your storage needs, style preferences, and budget considerations. This ensures the final design aligns with your dream walk-in wardrobe.
  • Customisation: Finding a company that provides truly customised options is often the most difficult to find. Your walk-in wardrobe should be bespoke to your needs and style preferences, so be sure to find a company that offers flexibility in design, finishes, and accessories.
  • Quality of materials: When choosing your walk-in wardrobe professional, ask about materials such as wood types, finishes, and hardware. At the end of the day, durable materials are essential for the longevity of your walk-in wardrobe.


Factory Staff at Walk in Wardrobes Steve Tombs, Director and Owner at Walk in Wardrobes


#4. Start decluttering and organising your belongings

To us, the highlight of David Beckham’s walk-in wardrobe is the absence of unnecessary clutter. Each item has its designated place, and the art of decluttering is evident in the carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories.

Streamlining his wardrobe allows Beckham to effortlessly navigate his style choices and maintain a clean, visually appealing space.


#5. Sit back, relax, and eagerly await your dream walk-in wardrobe

After selecting a trustworthy and reputable company to design and install your walk-in wardrobe, the next step is to eagerly anticipate your dream wardrobe coming to life.

If you have chosen Walk in Wardrobes then we will now take charge of bringing the design to life, ensuring that every detail is executed with precision and care.

By entrusting the design and installation process to us, you can confidently look forward to your dream of a luxury walk-in wardrobe coming true.

About Walk in Wardrobes

A family-ran business based in Coventry, we have over 25 years experience in furniture design and build. We understand the importance of functionality and aesthetics when it comes to making the perfect walk-in wardrobe, or furniture for your home.

We take pride in our craftmanship and attention to detail and always use the highest-quality materials.

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