Walking In A Winter Wonderland


This winter has seen the delivery of another beautiful walk in wardrobe in the heart of Kensington.

All the best walk in wardrobes are full of treats and we are delighted to say we have pulled out all the stops with this one.

The nature of the space with its angled ceilings and arched walls meant that a bespoke solution was the only option, by utilising a light white panelled wood with http://www.isotretinoinonlinebuy.com mirror maximised room and created the luxury feel required to soften the space.

The space also incorporated a his and hers floating drawer cabinet with clear illuminated top panels to allow selection through the surface of the cabinet to the drawers below.

This coupled with full illumination to all floating shelves and a mirror wall of shoes has made this walk in wardrobe a truly unique piece within a stunning space.