THE ULTIMATE Walk in wardrobe

THE ULTIMATE Walk in wardrobe

What is the ultimate in walk in wardrobe ?

At walk in wardrobes we have been considering what really makes the Walk in wardrobe “Ultimate”

Director Stephen Tombs tells us the 6 things that take our dressing rooms to the next level.

1. Space. If you have Space then you’re already winning. If you are fortunate enough to be able to designate one room to your dream wardrobe then you really can afford to create something special. Be aware that whilst you have space it is easy to close it down quickly and care should be taken to “preserve” this space. One key reason why we are favoured above standard wardrobes with doors is we allow an open feel with the nature of our walk in wardrobe cantilevered design.

2. Accessories should not only be for hanging clothes, but clever garment and item storage should also be considered. A wardrobe at the highest level should include storage solutions for all your shoes, trousers, ties, scarves etc and most importantly present them beautifully with effortless access.

3. Lighting For the ultimate walk in wardrobe beautiful lighting is a must. This can be injected in many ways both practically such as internal spots and light strips for illuminating clothes and for ambient effects such as backlighting panels inside the wardrobe and pelmet lighting above.

4. Practical Design and flow are important factors to the ultimate walk in wardrobe as they define how well the user will interact with it on a daily basis. Aesthetics are important but will be overlooked if practical function and ‘Flow’ are compromised.

5. Materials. Good high quality materials used in combination with colours.
In simple, palettes beautifully executed with light usually create the greatest results.

6. Centre islands. Of course what ultimate walk in wardrobe would be complete without the centre island. I think space permitting this is the cherry on the cake when it comes to finding the ultimate walk in wardrobe. It provides the wow factor on a stunning storage solution that allows free flow and access all areas.