Wardrobe Island

Wardrobe Island There is no doubt that the best part of any walk in wardrobe has to be the centre island. If you have the space the wardrobe island takes centre stage. If executed correctly it looks stunning. We look at four ways to make your […]

THE ULTIMATE Walk in wardrobe

THE ULTIMATE Walk in wardrobe What is the ultimate in walk in wardrobe ? At walk in wardrobes we have been considering what really makes the Walk in wardrobe “Ultimate” Director Stephen Tombs tells us the 6 things that take our dressing rooms to the next […]

Walk in Wardrobes reaches Lofty Heights

Walk in Wardrobes reaches Lofty Heights Walk in wardrobes loves loft spaces and last month hit the angled attics of south London to showcase this chocolate Walnut and cream accent walk in dressing room The geometrical angled nature of this room was such that everything had […]

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND This winter has seen the delivery of another beautiful walk in wardrobe in the heart of Kensington. All the best walk in wardrobes are full of treats and we are delighted to say we have pulled out all the stops with […]

Grand Ideas For Walk In Wardrobes

GRAND IDEAS FOR WALK IN WARDROBES. Walk in Wardrobes are proud to announce another successful year at Grand Designs Birmingham 2017 and would like to thank all its long term customers for their support at the show. The atmosphere on the stand was more electric than […]

Game set and match

Game set and match. Another victory for Walk in Wardrobes in Wimbledon. The tennis champions were not the only ones providing something special this summer, Walk in Wardrobes were also creating their own spectacle in the leafy suburb too. The brief was simple, to create a […]