Game set and match

Game set and match.

Another victory for Walk in Wardrobes in Wimbledon.

The tennis champions were not the only ones providing something special this summer, Walk in Wardrobes were also creating their own spectacle in the leafy suburb too.

The brief was simple, to create a walk in wardrobe under the eaves that would utilise clothing, shoe and accessory storage with simplicity and beauty in mind.

This allowed us to flex all our creative muscles and implement many of our signature design features into the space. This included beautiful floor to ceiling glass sliding doors concealing the latest in this couples designer footwear along with bespoke angled cabinets for clothes drawers and shelving.

Given the nature of the space it was critical all cabinets and shelves were carefully considered to maximize the room and allow light to flow freely. This was achieved by positioning shoes and shelving to the end walls opening up the space and inserting a central hanging section positioned between the roof windows.

The result was a beautiful dressing room space presenting and preserving everything in luxury and style.

Please visit soon for Buckinghamshire Walk in Wardrobe design.