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We believe that the interior of your wardrobe is just as important as the exterior. A well-designed wardrobe interior can transform your daily routine, making it easier to find and organise your clothing and accessories. Explore our range of bespoke options to create the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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Interior Storage and Dressing Room Ideas

Wardrobe Interior Solutions

Designing the interior of your wardrobe requires careful consideration to maximise both functionality and style. Furthermore, a well-thought-out wardrobe interior not only enhances the aesthetic appeal, but also caters for your unique storage needs.

From adjustable shelving and versatile hanging rods to dedicated accessory compartments and integrated lighting, every element is designed to make your daily routine seamless and luxurious.

Whether you seek to maximise storage efficiency or create a personalised dressing space, our innovative designs and expert craftsmanship ensure every detail exceeds your expectations.

Discover how our high-quality materials and innovative designs can elevate your wardrobe experience, turning everyday organisation into an effortless and enjoyable task.

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With our commitment to excellence and your unique vision, we’ll meticulously select clever storage solutions to meet your needs, creating a luxurious wardrobe for your home. 

Island Units

Introduce a touch of luxury with a centrally positioned island unit in your walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. Ideal for larger spaces, island units provide additional storage and serve as a functional centerpiece.

Cantilever Wardrobe

Our cantilever wardrobe system maximises space by providing adjustable shelves, hanging rails, and drawers that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing storage needs.

Adjustable Shelves

Our adjustable shelving units offer the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to rearrange your storage space to suit different items. Whether you need space for bulky sweaters, delicate accessories, or a growing shoe collection, our shelving can be tailored to your needs.

Hanging Space and Drawers

We provide hanging rails at varying heights to accommodate all types of clothing. In addition, if combined with drawers and pull-out trays, you can organise your smaller items and accessories in convenient compartments to keep everything in its place.

Accessory Storage

Keep your ties, belts, jewellery, and scarves neatly organised with our dedicated accessory compartments. These specialised spaces help you maintain order and make it easy to find exactly what you need.

Bespoke Lighting

Enhance visibility and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe with our integrated LED lighting solutions. Perfect for illuminating dark corners and adding a stylish glow to your storage space.

From your vision to reality

We offer a free design visit, tailored to you

Our head of design, Stephen, will meet you in our showroom or at your home to discuss your vision, your unique tastes, and any specific requirements you have. 

From there, we’ll send you an initial design that has captured every detail of your vision, bringing it to life.  Plus, we’ll send you a no-obligation quote.

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Luxury Dressing Room
  • Premium materials with a cream finish
  • Gold accents with fixtures and fittings
  • Centre island for additional storage LED framed floating mirrors
  • Custom lighting add lyers of refinement
  • Built-in dressing table
  • Perfectly positioned plug sockets
Cantilever System
  • Stylish and modern storage solution that maximises space
  • Highest quality materials ensure durability and longevity
  • Sleek, minimalist design adds a touch of elegance and creates a seamless, organised look
  • Adjustable shelves, drawers, and hanging space
  • Allows for customisation and flexibility to create a personalised wardrobe
Gentleman's Dressing Room
  • Dark wood finishes exude sophistication and timeless elegance
  • Luxury lighting fixtures illuminate the space, creating a luxury atmosphere.
  • Ample drawer space provides organisation and functionality for a gentleman's wardrobe.
  • Mirrors with LED lighting offer both practicality and a touch of modern flair, perfect for grooming and outfit coordination.
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Embrace the journey towards a clutter-free, calm environment, where every item has its rightful place, but with grace and elegance.

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Mike Ross
Mike Ross
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Stephen at walkin wardrobes is very professional and friendly, gave us some great advice and fantastic ideas, all furniture we have had built and installed by them has been excellent quality and looks stunning. We found all the guys who work their very helpful and would definitely recommend 😊
Baljit Kaur
Baljit Kaur
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great work by Steve and the team! Started off with just fitting a luxury walk in wardrobe, but soon followed with the vast majority of the entire house being refitted, including a bespoke tailored made gym. Steve is a pleasure to work with, and always goes over and above to meet the clients needs. Pleased to say we have found a trusted supplier of high end fittings, and which we are happy to recommend to our friends and family! Thanks again to Steve and Walk in Wardrobes :-)
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We first saw these units at grand designs NEC many years ago and kept a note of their details. So pleased we did! By appointment we recently visited their factory/showroom and the MD was so helpful and accommodating. Created a design for our challenging shape of walk in wardrobe. Several small revisions and solutions to unusual angles to fit the room. With no need for a site visit The quality is superb and our own carpenter fitted them. He commented that the quality and design was excellent and it had been the first time he’d built racking style units. They came with detailed clear installation instructions. They look brilliant. They also came up with a solution for an invisible entrance door which looks like a full size mirror and secretly opens. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Nothing was too much trouble and the cost fitted was more competitive than bulk standard off the shelf units.
diane groves
diane groves
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I have used this company more than once and they always provide brilliant designs, quality products and excellent service. I highly recommend them and they are great people to deal with.
Dan Brew
Dan Brew
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Outstanding. Steve and the team are the best contractors we have used in over 200 who have contributed to our house build. First feel in love with their products at Grand Designs - before our groundworks were complete(!) Several years later Steve has completed multiple different rooms for us and we are thrilled with the results. No hesitation in recommending.
Lee Hammon
Lee Hammon
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Excellent company to deal with. Highly responsive throughout, and delivered on time. The quality of the wardrobe is absolutely outstanding - it has transformed the room. I fully recommend them.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We used Steve and his team after recommendation from a friend and we were not disappointed. Steve's knowledge is second to none and his team were fantastic. The quality of the product is 5* I would highly recommend to anyone looking for walkin wardrobes.
Matt McGregor
Matt McGregor
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Outstanding customer communication, workmanship, design nd quality materials. Since first meeting with Steve we were confident in his knowledge that he would come up with the good, and wow has he! Very good design, understood our requirements, and his team of two fitters could not have been tidier, polite or efficient in fitting in two days only! Exceptional service well recommended.
Bryan Richter
Bryan Richter
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We've used Stephen and his team twice now and have been delighted with the end results. The quality of the work and the materials is very high. Stephen's advice throughout the process was excellent. He really listened to what we needed and came up with some creative ideas when we were in need of some inspiration. When we moved house recently the wardrobes looked just as good as the day they were fitted 10+ years ago so we know its an investment that will strand the test of time. As a result he was first on our list to call for our new home. First class from start to finish and the end product definitely has the wow factor.
Richard Tyler
Richard Tyler
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Excellent showroom. Good quality 3D plans were also very inspiring. Fitting and support has been excellent throughout. Can't fault Stephen and his team.

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3D drawings

At the end of this session, we'll take your ideas and produce a 3D drawing of your wardrobe or bespoke furniture. This will allow you to truly visualise the design and make any necessary amendments, ensuring the final product perfectly meets your needs and preferences.

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You'll also have the opportunity to choose your finishes, including handles, lighting, and colours, ensuring every detail perfectly matches your vision. We'll then provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Everything you need to know about our interior wardrobe solutions

Your frequently asked questions ... answered

What are the benefits of investing in bespoke wardrobe interiors?

Investing in bespoke wardrobe interior solutions allows you to maximise space efficiency and tailor storage solutions to your specific needs. Whether you need adjustable shelves, specialised compartments for accessories, or custom hanging options, bespoke solutions ensure every inch of your wardrobe is utilised effectively.

How can adjustable shelves benefit my wardrobe storage?

Adjustable shelves provide flexibility to accommodate different types of clothing and accessories. You can customise the height between shelves to fit items of varying sizes, maximising vertical space and ensuring efficient organisation.

What are the advantages of incorporating drawers into wardrobe storage?

Drawers are essential for storing folded clothing, accessories, and personal items out of sight. They help maintain a neat and clutter-free wardrobe interior while keeping items easily accessible. Soft-close mechanisms ensure smooth operation and add to the overall convenience.

How can I optimise hanging space in my wardrobe?

Optimise hanging space with versatile hanging rails that can be adjusted to accommodate garments of different lengths. Double hanging rails maximise vertical space, allowing you to store more clothing items without overcrowding. This configuration enhances accessibility and organisation.

What options do I have for shoe storage in my wardrobe?

There are various options for shoe storage, including pull-out shoe racks, angled shelves, and specialised compartments. These solutions help keep your footwear organised, visible, and easily accessible. Consider your shoe collection size and accessibility preferences when choosing the best shoe storage solution for your wardrobe.

How can lighting enhance my wardrobe storage experience?

Integrated lighting solutions improve visibility and create a stylish ambiance within your wardrobe. LED lights are energy-efficient and can be strategically placed to illuminate shelves, drawers, and hanging areas. Motion-sensor lighting adds convenience by automatically turning on when you open the wardrobe doors.

What are the considerations for incorporating a dressing table into my wardrobe design?

A dressing table adds functionality and elegance to your wardrobe space. Consider factors such as the available space, desired storage around the dressing table, and the inclusion of mirrors and lighting. Customising the layout and materials of the dressing table ensures it complements your wardrobe’s aesthetic while meeting your grooming needs.

Can your wardrobe interior solutions be installed in any size wardrobe?

Yes, our storage solutions are bespoke to fit any size or type of wardrobe, whether it's a walk-in wardrobe, dressing room , or fitted wardrobe. Our design experts can assess your space, discuss your storage needs, and create personalised solutions that maximise functionality and aesthetics.

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